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Find your ancestors in the U.S. and International cemeteries, with our free online cemetery records, burial records, cemetery databases, and other useful cemetery information in our easy to use cemetery directory, for your historical and genealogy research..

Cemetery records will often include birth, marriage, and death information and military service, religion, membership to an organization, and more.

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More Types of Cemetery Records

Registry of burials
A registry of burials generally includes the name, burial date and plot, but can also include birth and death dates and places, parent information, marital status, age, etc. and cause of death.
Cemetery Deeds
Cemetery Deeds is the original deed given to the plot owner, and sexton keeps a copy in the cemetery deed books, the deed will may also show the location of the plot.
Plat records
Plat records are often cards filed with the name of the plot owner, date of purchase, and names and dates of burials in the plot.
Plat maps
Plat maps show grave locations and plot ownership. Tthese may be reconstructed years later, when records begin the cemetery begins keeping records.

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